Shadi Gholizadeh
Shadi Gholizadeh

I specialize in evidence-based therapies with adults and couples experiencing role transitions, stress, burnout, anxiety, and depression. I often work with high-achieving people in demanding fields (e.g, physicians, attorneys, entrepreneurs) who are facing burnout or feeling overwhelmed with relationship or other life transitions and conflicts. I also have a background in health promotion and health behavior change. I completed my education at Stanford (BA), the London School of Economics and Political Psychology (MSc), and The University of California, San Diego (SDSU/UCSD; PhD). I completed my clinical internship at UCLA. I was previously Director of the Internship Training Program and Assistant Professor at CSPP/Alliant LA and am volunteer clinical faculty at UCLA.

In this all important subject five leading experts define and discuss anosognosia. The course covers anosognosia, self-neglect, confabulation, brain storms, range of ability and much more.
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Presented Date: July 7, 2022