Paula Marks

Paula Marks moved to the Bay Area from Canada to attend UC Berkeley as a visiting graduate student in sociology, feel in love with the Bay Area and never left.  She holds both a bachelor’s and master’s degree in criminology from Simon Fraser University.  

Paula has worked in the academic, nonprofit, and private sectors always in a capacity where she is helping to solve complex social problems.  Over the last decade she has applied those skills to finding care solutions for older adults and has been recognized by her peers as a thought leader in applying novel solutions to pressing problems. Today Paula will be presenting on effective problem solving with families and stakeholders when Anosognosia may be presenting. 

In this all important subject five leading experts define and discuss anosognosia. The course covers anosognosia, self-neglect, confabulation, brain storms, range of ability and much more.
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Presented Date: July 7, 2022