Joining PFAC as an affiliate enables you to network with some of the most experienced and respected fiduciaries in the state of California and nationwide. You will be able to attend PFAC regional educational seminars and meetings, plus our annual conference at a discount. In addition to comradeship and increased credibility in fiduciary-related opportunities, you will also increase the possibility or exchanging referrals with other PFAC members.


If you provide professional fiduciary services or are interested in becoming a professional fiduciary, sign up to receive updates on educational opportunities with PFAC. Whether it's learning with a group of your peers or from the comfort of your home or office, PFAC has a learning platform that will suit your needs.

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Join us in 2019
as PFAC is ‘Making Magic Happen’
at the happiest place on Earth.

The 24th Annual PFAC Educational Conference provides
the most comprehensive fiduciary education available
in California. Who says learning can’t be fun?!

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Thanks for making the 23rd Annual PFAC Educational Conference a success!

How Professional Fiduciaries Change Lives

How Professional Fiduciaries Change Lives

How Professional Fiduciaries Change Lives