About the Course

In this all important subject five leading experts define and discuss anosognosia. The course covers anosognosia, self-neglect, confabulation, brain storms, range of ability and much more.

Session 1: Shadi Gholizadeh, PhD, MSc, MPH, CMC Director of Memory Care Programs, TheKey (10am-10:30am)

  • Objective 1: Define and discuss anosognosia;
  • Objective 2: Define and discuss confabulation;
  • Objective 3: Discuss the relationship between anosognosia and self-neglect;

Session 2: Lise McCarthy, PT, DPT, GCS, NCG, LPF San Francisco PFAC Chapter President (10:30am- 11:00am)

  • Objective 4: Discuss how central nervous system “brain storms” cause the clinical signs of Anosognosia that the home health care teams are trained to assess;
  • Objective 5: Discuss how fiduciaries can work more effectively with their clients’ home health teams to develop an ethical and strategic plan to address personal safety and/or community safety concerns;
Session 4: Paula Marks, Director of Corporate Care Management and Strategic Partnerships, J & M Home Care (11:30 pm-12:00pm)
  • Objective 7: Discuss how effective problem solving communications techniques can help clients, families and stakeholders talk about options when Anosognosia may be presenting and there are safety concerns;
  • Objective 8: Describe common compounding and mitigating factors that can impact communication between clients, families and stakeholders;
Session 5: Barney Nelson, Dementia Action Alliance Advisory Board and Speakers Bureau and Janice Bays, PT, DPT, Board Chair for the Dementia Action Alliance Board of Directors (12:00pm-1pm)
  • Objective 9: Describe why fiduciaries should understand more about anosognosia and why this topic is important to people living with dementia and their care partners;
  • Objective 10: Describe ways fiduciaries can help people recognize the need for outside support and help them accept the support needed;
  • Objective 11: Describe ways fiduciaries can help clients recognize the need to move into a care community and how to help them make a good transition.
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Presented Date: July 7, 2022