Member Benefits

The field of Professional Fiduciary services is growing. With a swelling population of aging Baby Boomers, the need for professional fiduciaries is likely to expand. PFAC is the oldest and preeminent Professional Fiduciary organization in California. In addition to including many of the state’s fiduciaries with the highest level of expertise, experience, and resources, PFAC also counts among its membership, affiliates, strategic partners, and a range of professionals in related fields. Beyond the professional benefits, PFAC provides the rare opportunity to make a difference in someone’s life every day. In providing much-needed services, PFAC members get to enjoy the experience of knowing that they are positively impacting the lives of clients who trust and rely upon their personal and professional integrity. It is a noble profession that is rewarding on many levels. Here are some specific benefits that PFAC offers to its members:

PFAC Offers Members Several Benefits Including

  • Networking with PFAC members, some of the most experienced and respected fiduciaries state and nationwide.
  • Educational seminars, meetings, and annual conferences held statewide with member discounted pricing.
  • E-News updates and quarterly e-newsletter.
  • PFAC’s commitment to foster legislation that is beneficial to the professional fiduciary community.
  • Opportunity for peer mentoring.
  • Increased credibility within the courts and communities where PFAC members practice.
  • Referrals within and among members.
  • Professional liability insurance premium serendipity discounts from Dominion/Lloyds for members.
  • Opportunities for regional and statewide leadership service.