Mark Feinberg
Mark D. Feinberg

Mark D. Feinberg has practiced in the area of landlord/tenant since 1992. Mark is an attorney and principal in the law Firm Heinz & Feinberg which he co-founded in 1995. Heinz & Feinberg’s practice is now exclusively in the landlord/tenant area and provides legal services to property owners, property management companies, and professional fiduciaries. In working with fiduciaries Heinz & Feinberg’s goal in every matter is to obtain possession of the property in the most time and money efficient way possible whether that be by negotiation of the occupant of real property or where that will not work by service of appropriate notices and eviction through the court system. As he has for many years, Mark continues to serve on the board of directors of the Southern California Rental Housing Association.

Dealing with troublesome tenants, especially when they are family members, can be a challenge.
Member Price: $50
Non-Member Price: $70
CE / MCLE Awarded:
Presented Date: March 8, 2023