Course Credit Type: MCLE

Problem Trust Property Tenants

Dealing with troublesome tenants, especially when they are family members, can be a challenge. This presentation will provide you with not only the various legal remedies and procedures available but will provide you with alternative remedies that do not involve court intervention.

Needs-Based Public Benefits & Special Needs Trusts

Attorney Sternfeld will present new 2023 changes in needs-based public benefits and how those changes affect the Special Needs Trust.

To Be Or Not To Be Guardian or Conservator

AB 1194’s Impact on Professional Fiduciaries Serving as Guardian or Conservator 11:45 am – Presentation, “To be or not to be a Guardian or Conservator”

Breslin VS Breslin (fa149)

This presentation will examine how the fiduciary can successfully, neutrally navigate among litigious factions in trust, probate and conservatorship administrations and include a discussion of real-world examples of successful and unsuccessful applications of these principles. Breslin v. Breslin (2021) 62 Cal.App.5th 801 –New Guidance for Serving as the Neutral Fiduciary in Litigious Conservatorship, Trust and […]

Mental Health and the Holidays

Tips and ideas for helping clients through the holidays…those who suffer from mental illness, depression, memory loss, or other physical or mental disability

The Critical Role of Caregiving Technology

Ms. Symonds will present and explain the importance of modern technological devices that can be lifesaving when locating a wandering client.

How To Protect Your Estate/Conservatorship in the Real Estate Sale Now that the Probate Purchase Agreement Has Been Eliminated

In-depth discussion of the impactful changes to the Real Estate Purchase Agreement as a result of the Probate Purchase Agreement being eliminated. Overview of the new Real Estate Purchase Agreement effective 12/14/21. Highlights of the steps needed to cure the omissions that don’t protect the Estate or Conservatorship in the new contract. The 13 recommended […]

Elder Abuse and the Criminal Justice System

Contra Costa County Deputy District Attorney Mary Knox will provide an overview of investigative and charging processes for elder abuse crimes in Contra Costa County. Ms. Know will highlight her office’s elder abuse investigative and prevention system.

Developing A Plan to Work With Clients Who Have Mental Illness

As fiduciaries, we work every day with clients with mental illnesses and mental disorders. Our clients can be difficult or downright impossible to work with at times. This webinar will educate us more fully about mental illness and teach us strategies for working with the different diagnoses. Ms. Thompson will discuss communication styles, boundary setting […]

Working with Probate Referees

In 2020 the California Probate Referee’s Association released their updated Probate Referee Guide. Each attendee will be given a free copy of The Probate Referee Guide. The Guide is designed to assist professional fiduciaries, attorneys and staff to ensure each Inventory & Appraisement is properly submitted so that the returned valuations are accurate and can […]