Course Credit Type: MCLE

Successor Trustee Issues: Taking Over A Disaster

Accepting appointment as successor trustee or fiduciary comes with its own unique set of challenges. Difficulties ranging from prior and future accounting complications, investment considerations, beneficiary expectations, public benefits issues, and tax filings (among other issues) can derail proper administration from the onset of a relationship and may expose a successor trustee to heightened liability. […]

Evaluating And Defending Challenging Special Needs Trust Disbursement Requests

This program describes how to evaluate and defend a trustee’s decisions on Special Needs Trust distributions. A professional fiduciary will face difficult decisions when a beneficiary seeks disbursement for something that may be challenged by the Social Security Administration (SSA), a Probate Judge, the Department of Health Care Services (DHCS), other family members, or some […]

PPF’s In Court – The Judges Perspective

Hon. Judge Sandra Bean, Hon. Judge Ana Maria Luna and Hon. Judge Glen Reiser (Ret.) present case scenarios to appreciate the viewpoints of trial judges as private professional fiduciary matters proceed before them. Specific topics include:1- Appointment of a PPF on a pending conservatorship estate, but what about the accompanying asset-rich trust with an arguably […]

Working with Asian American Clients

This course will be very informative on how to understand and work with Asian American Clients.

Pre Intensive A – An Accounting Preparation Primer AND the Court’s View of the Perfect Accounting PFAC Conference 2023

This course was taught at the PFAC Conference 2023 and was a part of the Pre-Conference Intensive A. This course was taught by Hon. Judge Roger Lund, Ventura County Superior Court, Kelly Berlingeri Esq., Ventura County Superior Court and Paul Bartschi, Merrill Lynch Special Needs Team.

Hiring and Working with Caregivers: Risks, Liabilities and Solutions – fa167

This session will help people in the circle of care understand the employment risks they and their clients take when they bring someone into the home to care for the elderly or disabled. We will discuss ways to minimize the risk to you and your clients and identify the key areas you need to know […]

Cultural Awareness “A Panelist Discussion”

Our continued dialogue on how professional fiduciaries can best understand and serve our diverse communities

Shifting to Neutral – The change in the courts view on Trustees Remaining unbiased in light of the Breslin v. Breslin and Zahnleuter v. Mueller

A trustee, even one that has no person interest in a trust, can no longer take a position that favors one potential beneficiary’s interest over another’s. In the wake of Breslin v. Breslin (2021) 62 Cal.App.5th 801, where the trustee avoided any liability through taking a neutral position, Zahnleuter v. Mueller (Filed February 9, 2023; […]

Creditors Claims in Probates and Trusts

Creditors [claims] both in the context of a probate estate and a trust. Timing for giving notice in a probate, requirement to search for creditors, benefits to giving notice to a potential creditor, statute of limitations, what to do about late filed claims, and also discuss creditors in a trust including what benefit there might […]

How to deal with difficult people – a Judicial Persective

“Judge David L Belz is currently assigned to the Probate Department in Orange County Superior Court. In his legal career he was a trial attorney in private practice for 32 years before his appointment to the Orange County Bench in 2009. He served 5 years in family court and is currently assigned to the probate […]