Course Category : Trust

Needs-Based Public Benefits & Special Needs Trusts

Attorney Sternfeld will present new 2023 changes in needs-based public benefits and how those changes affect the Special Needs Trust.

Sonoma County Clerk Covenants and New Year Rule Changes

Presentation by the County Clerk regarding the 2022 Changes

Trustee Unchained: Decanting Has Come to California

This program will review California’s recently enacted version of the Uniform Trust Decanting Act. Decanting refers to the power to modify an existing trust, either by changing the terms of that trust or by distributing property from that trust to a second trust. The speaker will discuss when and how to decant, the benefits of […]

Trust Distributions and Drafting: Perspective from Our Gigs

Nationally recognized experts Stephen Dale, Esq. LL.M, Principal of The Dale Law Firm P.C., Executive Director of the Golden State Pooled Trust, and Peter J Wall, Director of Fiduciary Services for True Link Financial, will cover all aspects of discretionary distribution requests made from beneficiaries of Special Needs Trusts (SNTs), Discretionary Trusts and Conservatorships. The […]

The ABLE Act: What You Need to Know

The presenters will describe the new law and how it provides additional financial resources to beneficiaries to achieve independence. They will discuss how the Able Act works, restrictions and rules. They will provide examples of how beneficiaries who are on government benefits can use funds from both an Able Account and a Special Needs Trust […]

Introduction to Trusts and Trust Management

This presentation covers the steps of the trust administration process:Notification and marshaling assetsInventory and appraisalAllocation or distributionUnderstand the duties and responsibilities in being the successor trustee.

Insurance Coverage: Dropping the Ball

Risk Transfer and Unrealized Expectations from Insurance Coverage for Trust Owned Real Estate.

How To Work With Attorneys In Contested Matters PART 2

In Part 2 of this two-part topic, the panel will address working with all the other attorneys in contested matters (besides your own attorney). The panelists will begin by discussing the role of the various attorneys for a proposed conservatee: court-appointed counsel, guardian ad litem, and private counsel. Also discussed will be tips and strategies […]

How To Work With Attorneys In Contested Matters PART 1

In Part 1 of this two-part topic, the panel will address choosing, hiring, and managing your own attorney as a fiduciary in a contested matter. Typically, attorney’s fees are the largest expense born by any trust. How does the fiduciary manage this large expense item for the trust? And what duties does your attorney owe […]

Examining The Role Of A Professional Fiduciary In Challenges To Mom And Dad’s Wishes Before They Die

When financial and healthcare decisions lead to conflict between and among elderly parents and their children, the decision to initiate ligation is often fraught with risk. Fractured families, costly attorneys’ fees, ethical considerations and the potential for a disinherited litigant must be weighed against the potential benefits of initiating litigation during a parent’s lifetime, particularly […]