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What You Need to Know About Entities- Whether You Are Administering One or Want to Operate Your Business as One

Learn about entities from two points (1) how to administer an entity as part of an estate/trust; and (2) entity choices when establishing a fiduciary business and their tax treatment/advantages.

Understanding Trustee Liability in A Changing Insurance Market

Judith Pearson, Family Office, and Trustee liability Group Leader with Woodruff Sawyer, will discuss fiduciary E&O insurance and the California E&O insurance market. She will discuss what to look for when applying for insurance, what insurance policy features and riders one should have (or not), the differences in current providers’ offerings, and how the market […]

The Value of an Excellent PPF

The Value of an Excellent PPF

The Employment Law Issues Trustees, Conservators, and Other Fiduciaries Face

Review of California labor law and common pitfalls to avoid as a fiduciary.

Tax Returns and Records Retention for Fiduciaries

This course will teach you about Tax Returns and Records Retention for Fiduciaries.

How to Avoid Environmental Liability

This presentation will discuss various environmental laws that a fiduciary needs to know about to avoid environmental liability related to property that may be in the fiduciary’s portfolio or that is being considered to purchase/lease other property. Knowledge of such laws are necessary for the fiduciary to avoid personal liability. The presentation will also touch […]

Fiduciary Succession Planning- Fact or Fiction

Two Probate Litigators Look at Private Fiduciaries and Fiduciary Succession.

Fiduciary Accountings – I Hate Accounting, Remind Me Why and How I Have to Do This

Court Accountings are easy! Yes, that’s right. That’s what you’ll come out of this dynamic and informative session realizing. Part 1 is a quick review of the basics: banking basics; how best to keep the records you’ll need (particularly real estate-related transactions); reconciling bank (and brokerage?) statements; software; basic nuts & bolts of accountings; and […]

Everything You Wanted To Know About Court Accountings But Were Afraid To Ask

Acting as a fiduciary isn’t always easy. A fiduciary owes many duties to the beneficiaries and a breach of a duty can result in liability. One of these duties is the duty to account. In our litigious society, having an accounting is one of the best ways a fiduciary can protect itself from liability. From […]

Establishing and Growing a Fiduciary Practice

Learn from seasoned and established professional fiduciaries the critical elements needed in establishing and growing your practice. The session will provide examples and templates as well as details on how to set up effective systems, how to choose your clients and how to choose the right legal representation. The course will also cover what to […]