Renew Your PFAC Membership for 2018

PFAC continues to strive to offer members opportunities to connect with other professional fiduciaries and those who service the profession as well as tools and resources to support members and their clients. With the support of members, PFAC has been able to:
  • Produce the 22nd Annual PFAC Educational Conference, the most comprehensive education available for professional fiduciaries
  • Offer online education through PFAC Fiduciary Academy
  • Start offering free educational webinars for members
  • Produce three regional Education Days
  • Update the PFAC website to include more dynamic information for the public and members
  • Offer increased promotional opportunities for members through the new PFAC website
  • Produce new print promotional materials for members use and PFAC outreach
  • Collaborate with strategically aligned organizations to inform the community about professional fiduciaries and PFAC
  • Produce quarterly newsletters with informative articles and information about the profession
As we move into 2018, PFAC’s plans for growth continue with implementation of the new PFAC Strategic Plan which includes:
  • Increase in strategic partnerships for professional fiduciary outreach
  • Offer diversity and cultural sensitivity training
  • Increase free educational webinars for members
  • Offer virtual PFAC meeting access for members
  • Increase PFAC awareness, visibility and credibility with referral sources
  • Online resource library for professional fiduciaries including
  • 23rd Annual PFAC Educational Conference
We appreciate you and your membership in PFAC which supports our ongoing efforts to advance professional fiduciaries year after year. Your membership makes it possible for us to continue those efforts. To renew your 2018 PFAC membership, click on the button and follow the instructions for your membership type. Thank you and please let us know if you have any questions or feedback.