The Neuropsychological Approach to Capacity: A Deeper Dive

Cost: $100 PFAC Member – $140 Non-Member

Speakers: Dr. Jonathan Canick, Ph.D.

CEU Awarded: 2.0 Person

Presented Date: 11/12/2020



About the Course

Dr. Jonathan Canick, Ph.D., will be presenting educational information to help fiduciaries more deeply understand the neuropsychological capacity approach. Objectives include:

  1. Provide insight into what neuropsychologists do according to their professional credentials and training when conducting a capacity evaluation under Probate Code 811 and when making a diagnosis.
  2. Help fiduciaries gain clarity about the benefit of a formal diagnostic assessment and how assessment information can provide deeper insight about what kind of increased support may be optimal for their clients struggling with cognitive-related dysfunction.
  3. Help fiduciaries understand and more confidently use cognitive screening language and data from cognitive screens when communicating with their clients’ medical teams and advocating for a formal diagnostic assessment.
  4. Compare and contrast the effectiveness and differences of four cognitive screening tools (e.g. MMSE, MoCA, Clock Drawing Test, Cognitive Tool Box Tasks)
  5. Discuss the cognitive screening and assessment continuum so fiduciaries gain a deeper understanding of how they can initiate and perform a cognitive screen on clients when there are indications/concerns of undiagnosed cognitive deficits.

    Dr. Jonathan Canick

    Dr. Jonathan Canick specializes in clinical psychologist in San Francisco, CA and has over 34 years of experience in the field of medicine. He graduated from his medical school with his medical degree in 1987. Dr. Jonathan Canick is licensed to practice by the state board in California.