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How To Work With Attorneys In Contested Matters PART 2

Cost: $50 PFAC Member – $70 Non-Member Speakers: Yevgeny Belous, Esq., Norine Boehmer, CLPF, Hon. Judge James Steele (Ret.), and Lauriann Wright, Esq. CEU Awarded: 1.0 CE/MCLE Trusts Presented Date: 5/2/2019       About the Course In Part 2 of this two-part topic, the panel will address working with all the other attorneys in […]

Fiduciary Succession Planning- Fact or Fiction

Cost: $75 PFAC Member – $105 Non-Member Speakers: Ralph Hughes, Esq. and Anne Rudolph, Esq. MCLE/CEU Awarded: 1.5 Practice Management  Presented Date: 08/26/2021 About the Course Two Probate Litigators Look at Private Fiduciaries and Fiduciary Succession. Ralph Hughes, Esq. Ralph has been certified as a certified specialist in Estate Planning, Trust & Probate Law for more […]

A Fiduciary’s Guide to Boundaries- Understanding the Extent of Your Authority in Representative Capacities

Cost: $100 PFAC Member – $140 Non-Member Speaker: Gregory Borawski, Esq. and Ricsie Hernandez, Esq. MCLE/CEU Awarded: 2.0 Ethics Presented Date: 08/27/2021   About the Course The extent of a fiduciary’s authority in various representative capacities, when additional authority is required, and liability/discipline exposure when acting beyond your authority. Gregory Borawski, Esq.  Gregory’s practice primarily […]

A “How To” Guide for Public Benefits in California

Cost: $75 PFAC Member – $105 Non-Member Speaker: Kimberly McGhee, Esq. MCLE/CEU Awarded: 1.5 Presented Date: 05/04/2021     About the Course A nuts and bolts guide to Medi-Cal, SSI, Section 8 and Regional Center benefits and how to access those benefits. Kimberly McGhee, Esq. Ms. McGhee is an elder law attorney with Black & McGhee, A […]

Don’t Get Burned: What You Need to Know Before Delegating Your Authority to Investment Professionals

Cost: $50 PFAC Member – $70 Non-Member Speakers: Ricsie M. Hernandez, Esq. and Paul Hynes MCLE/CEU Awarded: 1.0 Trust                                                               Presented Date: 8/23/2020   About […]

Defending Yourself: Professional Fiduciary Jiu Jitsu

Cost: $50 PFAC Member – $70 Non-Member Speakers: Loren Emmanuel, Nathan Pastor, Esq., and Victor Segovia, Esq. MCLE/CEU Awarded: 1.0 Practice Management Presented Date: 8/25/2020   About the Course Participate in an interview style format with a trust attorney, a former District Attorney, and a professional fiduciary to learn some “moves” you can make to […]

Current Issues in Conservatorships: Assuring the Best Interests of Elders and the Vulnerable are Protected

Cost: $50 PFAC Member – $70 Non-Member Instructors: Hon. Judge David J. Cowan, Tamila Jensen, Esq., and Scott McDonald MCLE/CEU Awarded: 1.0 Person Presented Date: 08/23/2020 Recent media coverage regarding Fiduciary practices has led to some passionate discussion regarding Conservatorships and the Probate System in California. The “gray area” of client best interest has come under heated […]

Contested Non-Probate Transfers

Cost: $75 PFAC Member – $105 Non-Member Speaker: Matthew Owens, Esq. MCLE/CEU Awarded: 1.5 Estate Presented Date: 8/25/2020     About the Course This presentation will cover best practices for handling non-probate transfers when the documents on file with the bank conflict with the decedent’s estate plan. For example, what should the fiduciary do when […]

Insurance Coverage: Dropping the Ball

Cost: $75 PFAC Member – $105 Non-Member Speaker: Nancy Valentine and Leslie Blozan, Esq. CEU Awarded: 1.5 CE/MCLE Trusts Presented Date: 07/20/2020     About the Course Risk Transfer and Unrealized Expectations from Insurance Coverage for Trust Owned Real Estate. Nancy Valentine Listing & Selling since 1991, Nancy currently practices in southern California. She holds […]

Generally Speaking About Conservatorships, Probates, Trusts, Powers of Attorney and Guardianships

Cost: $50 PFAC Member – $70 Non-Member Speaker: Jeff Marvan, Esq. CEU Awarded: 1.0 CE/MCLE Person Presented Date: N/A   About the Course This course describes the cast of characters involved in each of these matters and the interrelation between trusts, probates, powers of attorney, conservatorships, and guardianships. About Jeff Marvan, Esq. Jeff Marvan is […]