Course Credit Type: CE

Working with Probate Referees

In 2020 the California Probate Referee’s Association released their updated Probate Referee Guide. Each attendee will be given a free copy of The Probate Referee Guide. The Guide is designed to assist professional fiduciaries, attorneys and staff to ensure each Inventory & Appraisement is properly submitted so that the returned valuations are accurate and can […]

Where’s the FUN in DysFUNctional Families: Interactive Case Studies

Through interactive case studies, this panel demonstrates how Professional Fiduciaries can team up with an Aging Life Care Manager and trusted counsel to develop solutions to tricky family situations. The team will address how best to “wow” and persuade the judge to implement their solutions. The case studies will be derived from the practices and […]

When Your Job Is Being The Ethical Adult In The Room

Ethical canons expressly require professional fiduciaries make decisions about “best interests” through the prism of their clients’ known ethnic, religious, social, and cultural values. Notably missing from this list is an oft-elided dynamic—many clients and their families are entrenched in dysfunction. How do you recognize and take into consideration the effect of this environment when […]

What You Need to Know About Entities- Whether You Are Administering One or Want to Operate Your Business as One

Learn about entities from two points (1) how to administer an entity as part of an estate/trust; and (2) entity choices when establishing a fiduciary business and their tax treatment/advantages.

Understanding Trustee Liability in A Changing Insurance Market

Judith Pearson, Family Office, and Trustee liability Group Leader with Woodruff Sawyer, will discuss fiduciary E&O insurance and the California E&O insurance market. She will discuss what to look for when applying for insurance, what insurance policy features and riders one should have (or not), the differences in current providers’ offerings, and how the market […]

Trustee Unchained: Decanting Has Come to California

This program will review California’s recently enacted version of the Uniform Trust Decanting Act. Decanting refers to the power to modify an existing trust, either by changing the terms of that trust or by distributing property from that trust to a second trust. The speaker will discuss when and how to decant, the benefits of […]

Trust Distributions and Drafting: Perspective from Our Gigs

Nationally recognized experts Stephen Dale, Esq. LL.M, Principal of The Dale Law Firm P.C., Executive Director of the Golden State Pooled Trust, and Peter J Wall, Director of Fiduciary Services for True Link Financial, will cover all aspects of discretionary distribution requests made from beneficiaries of Special Needs Trusts (SNTs), Discretionary Trusts and Conservatorships. The […]

The Value of an Excellent PPF

The Value of an Excellent PPF

The Treasure Hunt – Marshalling, Managing and Selling Assets

Identifying, managing and selling assets is one of a fiduciary’s most important, sophisticated and closely scrutinized duties. This presentation covers all aspects of identifying, collecting and managing assets for new and experienced fiduciaries. Identifying topics covered include demonstrating the key duties of a personal representative, inventorying and appraising assets, working with probate referees and assessor […]

The Powers of a Conservator to Intervene in the Marital Relationship of the Conservatee

Tamila’s presentation discusses the interplay between conservatorship (Probate) and the marital relationship (Family Law). The conservatee retains the right to marry. If the relationship is abusive, what tools does the conservator have to intervene? It discusses the effects of the conservatorship on certain rights and procedures related to the marriage and the role of the […]