Course Credit Type: CE

Dulling the Razor’s Edge: Understanding, Identifying and Navigating The Duty Of Impartiality

The most basic goals of any administration for a fiduciary are to distribute the right assets to the right people without getting sued. Standing between the fiduciary and these goals are numerous fiduciary duties, not the least of which is the duty of impartiality. The duty of impartiality puts a fiduciary on the razor’s edge, […]

How To Detect Lies, Fraud, and Identity Theft

Can You Tell When Someone is Lying? Let Body Language Expert Traci Brown Show You How! Are you winning the game of Two Truths and a Lie? You play every day and don’t even know it. Win the game with your team, clients, potential hires and vendors to dramatically improve your bottom line…and detect fraud […]

Long Term Care Solutions On a Budget

This presentation will focus on various types of options and resources for providing long term care for individuals that have limited financial resources. The presentation will include updates on available public benefits both for medical care and housing.

The Sweet Spot: When and How to Step into your Fiduciary Role

Stepping in as a Conservator of the Person or Estate or Successor Trustee can be a challenge, particularly so when the conservatee or former Trustor/Trustee is reluctant to accept a successor’s assistance. Are you a bull in a china shop or do you tiptoe in like a ballerina? This presentation will focus on best practices […]

Safeguarding Client Funds: How Fiduciaries Can Expand FDIC Insurance Coverage for Trust & Estate Accounts

This is a Regional Statewide Livestream Webinar, as well as, an In-Person Meeting for those who can not attend in person.

How To Avoid Your Britney Spears

Part 1: The Britney Spears Case Part 2: Getting Paid Part 3: Avoiding Your Own Personal Britney Part 4: Things to Keep an Eye On.

Rules Of Engagement: When You’re The Only Ethical Adult In The Room

Liza and Robyn will bring you tips from the trenches of litigation representing fiduciaries and interested persons to protect elders, disabled individuals, and children. We will review the duties we share to: (1) avoid and prepare for ethically-managed litigation; (2) ensure fiduciaries understand the rules of engagement in litigation; and, (3) present real-life examples of […]

Understanding Community Services For Persons With Developmental Disabilities In California

The Lanterman Act is California’s civil rights program for persons with intellectual and developmental disabilities (I/DD) and creates our Regional Center system which assesses and fulfills essential services necessary to live in the community.This session will introduce attendees to a series of MCLE programs and resources created by the Arc of California with the assistance […]

Digital Assets Killed The Paper Trail: A Primer On Administering Digital Assets

Internet-based accounts and applications have grown at an extraordinary rate. Email and paperless online banking are now routine. Intellectual property assets are proliferating. Since the Bitcoin network came into existence in 2008, thousands of new digital assets have emerged, including coins, tokens, tethered currency, and non-fungible tokens (NFTs). The rate of development of new technologies […]

Private Fiduciary Guide to Administering A California Needs Trust

Financial planning can be complex, but when a family has a loved one with special needs it can be even more complicated. The special needs financial planner requires additional skills, knowledge, and empathy to advise families that include a loved one with special needs. The special needs planner also needs to understand the planning challenges […]