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How To Detect Lies, Fraud, and Identity Theft

Can You Tell When Someone is Lying? Let Body Language Expert Traci Brown Show You How! Are you winning the game of Two Truths and a Lie? You play every day and don’t even know it. Win the game with your team, clients, potential hires and vendors to dramatically improve your bottom line…and detect fraud […]

Long Term Care Solutions On a Budget

This presentation will focus on various types of options and resources for providing long term care for individuals that have limited financial resources. The presentation will include updates on available public benefits both for medical care and housing.

How To Avoid Your Britney Spears

Part 1: The Britney Spears Case Part 2: Getting Paid Part 3: Avoiding Your Own Personal Britney Part 4: Things to Keep an Eye On.

Hiring and Working with Caregivers: Risks, Liabilities and Solutions – fa167

This session will help people in the circle of care understand the employment risks they and their clients take when they bring someone into the home to care for the elderly or disabled. We will discuss ways to minimize the risk to you and your clients and identify the key areas you need to know […]

Mental Health and the Holidays

Tips and ideas for helping clients through the holidays…those who suffer from mental illness, depression, memory loss, or other physical or mental disability

The Critical Role of Caregiving Technology

Ms. Symonds will present and explain the importance of modern technological devices that can be lifesaving when locating a wandering client.

Elder Abuse and the Criminal Justice System

Contra Costa County Deputy District Attorney Mary Knox will provide an overview of investigative and charging processes for elder abuse crimes in Contra Costa County. Ms. Know will highlight her office’s elder abuse investigative and prevention system.

Developing A Plan to Work With Clients Who Have Mental Illness

As fiduciaries, we work every day with clients with mental illnesses and mental disorders. Our clients can be difficult or downright impossible to work with at times. This webinar will educate us more fully about mental illness and teach us strategies for working with the different diagnoses. Ms. Thompson will discuss communication styles, boundary setting […]

Where’s the FUN in DysFUNctional Families: Interactive Case Studies

Through interactive case studies, this panel demonstrates how Professional Fiduciaries can team up with an Aging Life Care Manager and trusted counsel to develop solutions to tricky family situations. The team will address how best to “wow” and persuade the judge to implement their solutions. The case studies will be derived from the practices and […]

The Neuropsychological Approach to Capacity: A Deeper Dive

Dr. Jonathan Canick, Ph.D., will be presenting educational information to help fiduciaries more deeply understand the neuropsychological capacity approach. Objectives include: Provide insight into what neuropsychologists do according to their professional credentials and training when conducting a capacity evaluation under Probate Code 811 and when making a diagnosis. Help fiduciaries gain clarity about the benefit […]