Associate Membership

Our Associate Membership is designed for the new fiduciary starting their professional practice. Applicants can be licensed or non-licensed, working under the license of a practicing professional fiduciary or attorney. Associate Members must belong to PFAC for five years before becoming a General Member. Requirements to join include the following and are a part of the online application process. Please be prepared with these items prior to filling out the application. You cannot save the application and return to it later. Associate Member Application Requirements:
  • Complete the online Membership Application;
  • Submit three professional references:
    • One reference must be a current PFAC member (Charter, General, Associate) in good standing.
    • Two additional references must be able to attest to your work as a fiduciary or in a professional capacity. (Please do not submit references from persons who are related to you.)
    • Please send the link below to your references:

  • Scan and upload your current state issued driver’s license or identification card;
  • Write an essay of 250 words or less answering the question, “Why would you like to join PFAC?”;
  • Submit your current professional resume;
  • You must have completed a licensed college, university, extension or vocational fiduciary program course of study that requires passing grade testing and leads to the school’s certificate program diploma;
  • Please provide Optional Documents which would include any license or professional certificate which grants you the legal right to act within your professional capacity and all its entitlements and rights.
Annual Membership Dues: $275 / calendar year (prorated upon application submission. BECOME AN ASSOCIATE MEMBER NOW