Affiliate Members

As the saying goes, it takes a village. Professional fiduciaries rely on the services of other industry professionals in order to provide excellence in service to their clients and manage their business well. Recognizing the important role of these fiduciary service businesses and organizations, PFAC created the Affiliate Membership. This membership category allows networking and relationship building opportunities for those servicing the fiduciary industry with PFAC member fiduciaries. Affiliate members can attend PFAC regional and chapter meetings, receive discounts to PFAC events, are "searchable" through the PFAC website, and are included in the annual PFAC member directory. They do not have voting rights and must abide by the PFAC Code of Conduct.


Joining PFAC as an affiliate enables you to network with some of the most experienced and respected fiduciaries in the state of California and nationwide. You will be able to attend PFAC regional educational seminars and meetings, plus our annual conference at a discount. In addition to comradeship and increased credibility in fiduciary-related opportunities, you will also increase the possibility or exchanging referrals with other PFAC members.


Affiliate PFAC membership is open to applicants who wish to further the goals of the PFAC organization and are involved in a profession related to the fiduciary industry. Affiliate members are not fiduciaries and are not voting members of PFAC. Affiliate members agree to abide by the PFAC Code of Conduct by maintaining professional conduct. Examples of Affiliate members are real estate brokers, insurance agents, accountants, property managers and attorneys. Annual Membership Fee: $250.00;
  • Corporation Fee (up to 3 people): $500;
  • Over three members is an additional $300 each;
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Consideration for Affiliate Membership is open to applicants who wish to further the goals of PFAC while working in a profession affiliated to the fiduciary industry. Affiliate members are not licensed fiduciaries. Affiliate members have no voting rights but shall be entitled to use the title "Affiliate Member of PFAC," attend meetings, conferences, and receive mailings, excluding voting-members-only meetings. They will be listed as affiliates in the roster, but shall not use the PFAC logo in relation to their professional activities. Affiliate members are required to conduct themselves according to State requirements as well as to comply with the PFAC standards and ethics policies.