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Professional Fiduciary Association of California

A Legacy of Caring

The honored roots of overseeing the finances or personal well-being of another dates back thousands of years, and can be found in cultures around the world. Legally, a fiduciary is one in whom has been placed the utmost confidence to manage and protect the personal affairs, property, or assets of the client as well as to help ensure their mental and physical wellbeing. Today, with specialized training, ongoing education, and expert resources, a Professional Fiduciary is someone that you, your loved ones, the courts, and other professionals entrust to safeguard your interests and desired quality of life. PFAC is the preeminent association dedicated to servicing professional fiduciaries by providing ongoing educational opportunities, legislative advocacy, and professional resources. Our goal is to assist professional fiduciaries in providing excellent service as well as advocate for and advance the profession throughout California.