How Home Care Helps Seniors Thrive

Frailty, chronic illness, or forgetfulness can compromise the safety and well-being of older adults. A home care company can provide a high-caliber care solution when these situations arise. According to AARP, nine out of ten seniors prefer to age in place. Having a proactive approach to care is the best way to help seniors achieve their goals.

Why a Home Care Agency Makes a Great Care Partner

At Home Care Assistance, North America’s leading provider of in-home care for seniors, we are dedicated to working with seniors, their families, and their wealth managers to promote the highest quality of life possible. Our Care Teams achieve this through: 

  1. Clear and consistent communication. Caregivers record detailed care notes on every shift to provide to the client’s assigned Client Care Manager (CCM). If there are any changes in the client’s condition, the CCM will communicate them to family members and wealth advisors directly. CCMs are available 24/7 to handle any issues that may arise.
  2. Connections to community resources. CCMs can provide recommendations to seniors and those managing their financial welfare regarding other partners in the community like Geriatric Care Managers or hospitals.
  3. Personalized care. A complimentary in-home assessment evaluates the needs of the client, allowing the CCM to create a personalized care plan that aligns with the goals of the senior, his or her family, and their wealth manager. CCMs work to ensure the care plan matches and supports the financial goals of the client.
  4. Lowered liability. Our caregivers are fingerprinted, undergo background checks and are licensed, bonded, and ensured through our agency.
  5. Creating a trusted partnership. Thanks to the observations from caregivers, our team can also act as a source of reliable information for guardians, conservators, or family members who may not see the senior every day.
  6. Providing peace of mind. Family members and those working closely with the senior can have peace of mind knowing that CCMs are there to anticipate and take a proactive approach to potential needs a senior may have.

How Professional Caregivers Can Improve Quality of Life for Seniors

Just as fiduciaries ensure their client’s financial needs are met, caregivers provide comfort and support to both the physical and emotional needs of their clients. Together, these two services provide the right environment for a senior to thrive as they age. Here are just a few ways Home Care Assistance caregivers can increase the quality of life for seniors.

  1. Socialization and companionship
  2. Nutrition and hydration
  3. Dressing, bathing and transferring
  4. Exercise
  5. Medication reminders
  6. Transportation

Getting Started with Home Care

Care plans are flexible and subject to change based on the client’s individual needs. The home care representative will be able to meet the client wherever they call home, whether that be at their house, assisted living community, or in a skilled nursing setting. To get in touch with a care team near you, please visit:


Home Care vs Home Health Care



Ashley Mirone, VP of Business Development

Ashley‘s extensive management experience places emphasis on setting strategic direction, communicating vision and strategy through growth initiatives, establishing clear business objectives, and focusing the operational capacity to ensure those objectives are met. Ashley has built organizational cultures that are adaptable to change and embrace experimentation, are flexible and adjust priorities quickly to accommodate changing demands. Throughout her career and at Home Care Assistance, Ashley has earned a reputation for establishing and tapping into professional networks of business and entrepreneurial leaders to bring about breakthrough innovations, speed time to market, and improve organizational outcomes. In addition to Ashley‘s expertise on senior resources she is also a Certified Senior Advisor. Ashley gained extensive knowledge about aging and the important health, social and financial issues that affect the majority of seniors.


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How Professional Fiduciaries Change Lives

How Professional Fiduciaries Change Lives

How Professional Fiduciaries Change Lives