Senior Driving Skills
The California Highway Patrol offers educational classes for seniors to help those ages 65 and older with their driving skills.

According to the CHP’s Statewide Integrated Traffic Records System, in 2011 more than 23,000 drivers older than 65 were involved in a collision. Among those senior drivers involved in collisions, nearly 400 were killed and more than 22,000 were injured. The data indicate that more than 50 percent of those senior drivers were found to be at fault in the collision, according to the CHP.

To help senior maintain their driving independence for as long as they can safely drive, the CHP offers a two-hour “Age Well, Drive Smart” course. Class participants can brush up on their driving skills, refresh their knowledge of the rules of the road, and learn how to adjust to normal age-related physical and mental changes.

Information on dates and locations of these courses can be obtained by calling a local CHP office or online at

The program is supported by the Keeping Everyone Safe grant from the California Office of Traffic Safety.

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