Types of Membership

PFAC offers membership opportunities for fiduciaries as well as businesses supporting the fiduciary community.

Fiduciary Memberships

Service Provider Memberships

Benefits of Fiduciary Membership

The field of Professional Fiduciary services is growing. With a swelling population of aging Baby Boomers, the need for professional fiduciaries is likely to expand. PFAC is the oldest and preeminent Professional Fiduciary organization in California. In addition to including many of the state's fiduciaries with the highest level of expertise, experience and resources, PFAC also counts among its membership, affiliates, strategic partners, and a range of professionals in related fields. Beyond the professional benefits, PFAC provides the rare opportunity to make a difference in someone's life every day. In providing much needed services, PFAC members get to enjoy the experience of knowing that they are positively impacting the lives of clients who trust and rely upon their personal and professional integrity. It is a noble profession that is rewarding on many levels. Here are some specific benefits that PFAC offers to its members:

PFAC Offers Members Several Benefits Including

  • Networking with PFAC members, some of the most experienced and respected fiduciaries state and nationwide
  • Educational seminars, meetings, annual conference held statewide with member discounted pricing
  • E-News updates and quarterly e-newsletter
  • PFAC's commitment to foster legislation that is beneficial to the professional fiduciary community
  • Opportunity for peer mentoring
  • Increased credibility within the courts and communities where PFAC members practice
  • Referrals within and among members
  • Professional liability insurance premium serendipity discounts from Dominion/Lloyds for members
  • Opportunities for regional and statewide leadership service

Fiduciary Membership

How to Join

PFAC is a non-profit membership organization limited to individuals and organizations in the fiduciary industry. The membership categories include General, Associate, Affiliate and Emeritus. Each category has unique requirements, specific applications and different dues prices. Steps To Join:
  1. Review the membership categories and select the appropriate one for your situation. PFAC Membership All Categories & Qualifications Form
  2. Review the PFAC Code of Conduct.
  3. Review the Proration Of Membership Dues Chart. The payment is due at the time of submitting an application.
  4. Complete the application and when you all the necessary documents, submit a complete application package.
  5. Your membership application package must be complete before it will be considered by the membership committee.
Once you have completed your application, you can either scan and email it to or mail it to: PFAC P.O. Box 52016 Irvine, CA 92619

Requirements to renew your PFAC Associate, General, or Charter Membership

  • Timely payment of annual dues
  • Earn fifteen (15) Continuing Education Units (CEUs) annually, two (2) of which must be Ethics CEUs
  • Attend one (1) PFAC educational Conference or a combination of three (3) regional or chapter meetings annually
  • Conduct yourself according to state requirements and comply with PFAC bylaws, standards, and code of conduct policy
  • Submit your PFAC Annual Survey

Failure to comply with all requirements yearly or, as determined by the Board (or a committee authorized by the Board), failure in a material and serious degree to observe the rules of conduct of PFAC, or engage in conduct materially and seriously prejudicial to PFAC’s purpose and interests, may result in termination from PFAC membership.

Apply for Membership

General Member (voting rights)

Annual Membership Fee: $350.00 Qualification and admission as a General Member recognizes the achievement of extensive experience and expertise in fiduciary management and practice. General Members are highly respected members of the profession and are recommended for recognition as such by peers and professional colleagues who have personal experience with the level of professionalism and mastery demonstrated by the General Member. General Members maintain high standards of practice, continuing education, leadership in the community and may mentor Associate Members. General Members are entitled to use the PFAC logo identifying them as General Members. Individuals applying for General Membership shall have:
  • A Bachelor's Degree from an accredited Institution and a minimum of two (2) years' experience as a Professional Fiduciary (with a minimum of two (2) cases not related to the fiduciary);
  • Or, an Associate Arts Degree from an accredited Institution and a minimum of four (4) years of experience as a Professional Fiduciary (with a minimum of two (2) cases not related to the fiduciary);
  • Or, completion of the California State University certification program and four (4) years of experience (with a minimum of two (2) cases not related to the fiduciary).

Associate Member (voting rights)

Annual Membership Fee: $275.00 Associate Membership is designed for individuals who do not yet meet the qualifications for a General Membership, but who are actively pursuing a career as a Professional Fiduciary. Associate Membership is limited to five (5) years. Extensions and modifications to these provisions shall be at the discretion of the Membership Committee. Associate Members are entitled to use the name of the Association, its initials (PFAC), or logo in their professional activities. Associate Members are required to maintain their membership status by meeting the requirements listed after Associate Membership.

Charter Member (voting rights)

Annual Membership Fee: $350.00 Reserved for founding members of PFAC.

Emeritus Member (voting rights)

Annual Membership Fee: $0 Emeritus membership is reserved for retiring members who have made a significant contribution to PFAC or to the fiduciary profession. These memberships are awarded by written request by the board of directors.